Car Driving - Simulator PC

The Simuride is an integral part of this curriculum; it allows students to establish critical observation, reaction, and decision making skills in the safety of the classroom. It allows other students and instructors the opportunity to discuss realistic driving situations, and to observe peers in real-life driving situations. It enable instructors to introduce examples of driving hazards, conditions, and strategies immediately after the classroom instruction, helping students to place the classroom learning in context with real applications for driving.

The Simuride also has an option to use the simulated skid car. The Simuride skid car allows students to safely experience the more common types of skids and slides that they may experience when they progress to the roads. A proactive driving style is reinforced through teaching smooth and controlled steering, braking, and acceleration techniques. The students can safely learn how to avoid and how to handle loss of vehicle control.

The Simuride has additional benefits for driving schools. It improves safety by giving students the opportunity to experience a variety of driving conditions, and to become familiar with handling and controls, before they enter an actual vehicle. This is a valuable assurance to students, instructors, parents and other road users.

The Simuride can be used with two or three pedal attachments (to simulate automatic or manual transmissions). The Simuride supports the curriculum through the following features:

Students also progress through the curriculum with in-car instruction and practice. Effective in-car learning also requires students to be interested, alert and engaged. Unlike in the classroom, students will have additional distractions and will experience nervousness or stress. The in-car learning environment must be calm and focused on the task.